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Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas has been bushwalking in Australia and overseas for over forty years as a Venturer Scout Leader, Bushwalking Guide and a member of the Australian Army Reserve. He has done numerous extended bushwalks in Australia including the Australian Alps Walking Track, Wilsons Promontory, the Larapinta Trail, the Little Desert, the Great Ocean Walk, the Hume & Hovell Track, the Wilderness Coast, the Port Davey Track, the Two Rivers track, the Great South West Walk and the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail. Overseas, he has done a three day section of the Inca Trail and ten of el Caminos de Santiago (the Ways of St. James) in Spain and Portugal. He is currently a Trainer Emeritus of Scouts Australia with Instructor appointments in Bushwalking & Archery and a Team Leader and Training Officer with the Operation Flinders Foundation in South Australia https://operationflinders.org.au/

Contact me via plthomas@grapevine.com.au

Not all those who wander are lost. (but all who are lost, wonder)


The Beatitudes of the Pilgrim

Blessed are you, pilgrim if you find that the Camino opens your eyes to the unseen.Blessed are you, pilgrim if what concerns you most is not arriving, but arriving with others.Blessed are you, pilgrim when you contemplate the sights of the Camino and find them full of names and of new dawns.Blessed are you, pilgrimContinue reading “The Beatitudes of the Pilgrim”

El Camino Ingles. Ferrol – Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. 27th – 31st October 2019. 123 kms.

October 27 Perlio, Galicia, SpainLas Flechas Amarilla. Day 38. Ferrol- Neda – Gene – Perlio. 25 kms. So, I’ve got a week up my sleeve. Welcome to el Camino Ingles. (The English Way.) Ferrol is a Navy town on the NW coast of Galicia. I arrived just before lunch and decided to get going. p.s.Continue reading “El Camino Ingles. Ferrol – Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. 27th – 31st October 2019. 123 kms.”

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